Email Registry Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Email Registry ?

This E-mail Registry program was started by Nancy Trice, former KyGenWeb State Coordinator and one of the original members of the USGenWeb Project, with the following in mind: Many volunteers submit files to many different areas of the USGenWeb Project, USGenWeb Archives, WorldGenWeb, Tombstone Project, Census Project, and other special projects. E-mail addresses change, sometimes frequently and sometimes suddenly, without warning and beyond your control. It has become difficult for us to keep up with changing the addresses, sometimes several times a year on numerous files for numerous people. Many of you have asked for a way to update your addresses globally.

To resolve this issue, the email registry was born. The email registry allocates unique web addresses which can be used instead of the email address, the web address points to a central web page with contains the current email address of the user or submitter.

When the email address changes the only reference that needs to be changed is the content on the one web page.

Example: Email Registry

By Convention, email address references, which have been replaced with the Registry URL link, similar to the one above will use this symbol The Registry next to a name, which means their e-mail address is contained within The Email Registry.

Is it Free ?

Yes it is absolutely free for the purposes of Genealogy, the web pages are stored on Genrecords and maintained by volunteers

What is the purpose of this login page ?

In order to allocate a unique web reference to each user, we have provided this registration system. Each new user of the email registry will be allocated a username and password. This will allow the ability of the user to store his/her current email address for the web page and in future if there are any changes to their email address. The user can amend the current email address by logging into the registry and making the change.

How does the Email Registration Work ?

First you must register as a first time user, you will be given a form which will require you to type in a username for yourself, if this name has already been chosen, you must pick another. You will need an email address for the Email Registration to communicate with you. This email address is specific to the email registration and is not visible on the future web page and is private to you.

You will need to enter your current email address which may be different from your login email address (but it does not have to be) If you have multiple current addresses, you may enter multiple addresses by seperating with a semi-colon e.g.;

you optionally may store your old or previous email addresses

you click enter and you will be advised by the web page displayed to check your email. An email will be sent to the email address you provided as the login email address This email will contain your new password. You may now login with your username and new password.

Once you login, you will see an option to click on a link for first time users to allocate your ID. Once you click on this link you will have your new registry ID, a new email will arrive in your mailbox containing your registry ID web address

At this point if you wish to change your initial password your may edit your details and then logout

Your new web page will be posted onto Genrecords with the curent details. If you use the web address reference supplied it will show your current details

What is the Image Number ?

The Image number is a uniquely generated number created as an image to provide a defence against Spam attackers. When you login, you simply type in the number you see into the field below to login. Please Note if you have mistyped your username or password, a new unique image number will be generated and you will need to type the new number into the login form

What if my current address changes ?

Use the username and password you have registered to login into the Email Registry and use the option to edit your details change your current addresses, old addresses or password and logout. Your new central web page will be created and posted on to genrecords.

What if my new web address reference does not appear ?

Do not worry if your web reference does appear straight away, there sometimes can be a delay before it is active. This can be due to internet communication problems or genrecords being unavailable etc. Please be patient.

I Registered on the Email Registry before the automation and I do not have a username and password

If you have previously registered and have an Email Registry ID, but no username and password, just send an email to David with your Registry ID, name and email address details and we will give you a username and password. If your current email is different from your currently registered email account, you will have to let us know. Currently a number of username and passwords are being sent out to current addresses, so you may receive your details anyway.

Further Help ?

If you are having problems or need some additional help, please contact:- In the first instance David