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These forms are here to help make it easy and quicker for us to get records added to the GAArchives
while also making it easier for the contributors to share their records.
Utilizing these forms is not mandatory and  will not be suitable for every single record type
You as the file manager will still get files from contributors who do not wish to use the forms or
may have already transcribed the records or for those records where the forms simply just
do not cover the information that they have.

If you choose to participate, please place a link on your county table of contents page so that
contributors can find the forms.

If someone submits a file for your county through one of these forms you WILL receive a copy
of that file in your email and you can edit, rename, etc if you so choose.
If you choose to take advantage of these forms the following is a bit of information which will
help you understand how the form system works.
When someone uses the forms and submits a file, it automatically creates a .txt file formatted
for the appropriate county.  If you have opted to use the auto upload feature, the form will
do four things when they hit the submit button.

  1. It will create the .txt file
  2. It will immediately ftp that file to the appropriate county directory in the archives_ftp directory.
  3. It will immediately send the file manager for that county a copy of that file to their email account.
  4. It will immediately send a copy of the file created to the mailing list which is set up to receive the files.
If you have chosen to NOT use the auto upload feature then step 2 listed above will not occur.

For Photo Auto Upload the following happens:
  1. It will create the .txt file
  2. It will immediatly upload the photo image to the archive_html/county/photos/ directory.
  3. It will immediately ftp the text file to the appropriate county directory in the archives_ftp directory.
  4. It will immediately send the file manager for that county a copy of both files (image and text)  to their email account.
  5. It will immediately send a copy of the text created to the mailing list which is set up to receive the files.
If you have chosen to NOT use the auto upload feature then steps 2 & 3 listed above will not occur.

Text Files:
The files are created in ascii text format and in most cases are completely ready to go online. They are not
however error proof and it will be necessary to just take a look at the file to make sure the file is appropriate,
check for errors and verify the file is in the correct location.
The file naming system gives the file a unique name the first part is the type and number of the
file created,, this is unique and will prevent possible over writing. The second part is an identifier up to 8 characters,
in most cases the surname but in some cases such as newspapers or military the 8 characters will be the first 8
characters in the title of that file.
If someone submits an obituary for McDonough and it's the 1715th obituary created by the forms it will be
names ob1715mcdonoug.txt
If someone submits a newspaper item and it's titled "Tornado hits Colquitt Co." and it's the 250th file created
by the form it would be nw250tornadoh.txt
Exception: Bibles and Church records are created from the same form,, so if someone creates a church
record for Mt. Moriah it would be named bb001mtmoriah.txt  and the same for Wills/Court, these are both
also created by the same form so a court record for Elijah Johnson Administration would be named
The file naming letters are as follows and the  files are created on the genrecords server and kept
as backup should you ever need them.
Bibles = bb 

Biographies = bs
Births = bt 
Cemetery = cm  
Census = cn  
Church = bb  
Court = wl  
Deed = dd  
Death = dt  
Marriage book = mb
Marriage record = mr  
Historical records, letters, schools etc. = ms  
Military = mt
Newspapers = nw
Obituary = ob
Photograph = ph  
Will = wl  

Mailing Lists:
In some cases the County Mailing List Administrators have requested that files created through these
forms be mailed to the County Mailing List.
In these counties a copy of the  file is sent to the
corresponding county mailing list. A list of those
counties which send to the mailing list can be found here.
*Note: Due to size and repetition Births, Cemetery, Census & Marriage book files are not mailed to the lists*

Auto Upload
 If a submitter chooses more than one county when they submit their files,, that file will ONLY be automatically
uploaded to the FIRST county which was selected.
Example: If someone sends a file to Crisp, Mitchell and
Terrell Counties. The auto upload will ftp the file to the Crisp county directory. It will not be in the Mitchell
and Terrell County folders. If you were the manager for Mitchell or Terrell county you would need to upload
the file to Terrell County or simply create a link on your TOC for the file located in the Crisp Co. directory.
Each file manager for those multiple counties will still receive the file in your email account, but the image
will only be uploaded to the First County.

The auto upload feature is set up to load files created in the directories as structured here.
If in your county folders you were to have a bible folder,, and someone submitted a bible record for your
county, you would then find in your county two folders as the ftp will not send to the bible folder, it will
think the bible folder doesn't exist and create the bibles folder. You would then need to go in and move
the files in your bible folder to the bibles folder and reset all your links on the TOC.
This is something that you can do at your leisure but the directories do need to be updated and maintained
in the following structure. It is not necessary to create the folders if files don't already exists for that record
type as the ftp will create the folder when / if needed.

Directory Structure:
As shown in the USGenWeb Archives Guidelines
       /other/      (social security, etc.)

Contributors can now submit their photos through these forms. The photo /images have to be .jpg or .gif format
and under 300kb in size. Anything else will NOT be accepted by the forms and the contributor will need to
send you that file directly. Currently ALL photo submissions are set to automatically upload.
Because photos are stored in our html directories they are not searchable under the USGenWeb search
engines. For this reason a text file should be created for each photo submitted. These forms are set up
so that the person has to enter information about the photo before they can submit.
See above for what occurs with the photo processing. We then need to check the photo to make sure
it is appropriate, in the correct directories, whether it needs editing etc. If all is well with the photo,
we do nothing more than just create the links on our toc.
There needs to be a link for both files placed on the TOC. The following is an example of a good
way to link to them.
<div align="Center">
<table cellpadding="2" cellspacing="2" border="2" width="100%" summary="This table used for aligning links to online records">
  <caption><b><i><big>Photos</big> </i></b></caption><tbody>
            <td width="55%"><b>Text & Description</b></td>
            <td width="10%"><b>Image Size</b></td>
            <td width="10%"><b>Date</b></td>
            <td width="25%"><b>Submitter</b></td>
<td><a href="">Class of 1937 Bridge's School</a></td>
<td><a href="">Image</a> 157k</td>
<td>Jun 2003</td>
<td><a href="">Grady Wade</a></td>

This would appear as:
Description (Click Here for Description, Photo Link for Image) Photo Link Date Submitter
Class of 1937 Bridge's School Image 157k Jun 2003 Grady Wade

To add a link to your county page for the forms,,  the following link or similar is recommended.
<div align="center"><b><i>

<a href="">here</a> or <a href="">here</a> to transcribe and send in your records!</a></i></b><br><b>Or submit files for YOUR County directly to:</b><br>
       <b>YOUR NAME &nbsp;<a href=""></a></b></div>

It would appear as:

Click here or here to transcribe and send in your records!
Or submit files for YOUR County directly to:

Frequently Asked Questions

There are help files for the forms and contributors at:
General Information: info.html
Help for the Cemetery Forms: help.html
Help for the Census Forms: help2.html
Help for the Marriage Book Form: help3.html

Link for creating TOC's
Click this link
then adjust the following parameters for:
server (which server created the file)
state=State where files were posted
county= county where file was submitted
Record Type= see list above for file types
days= how many days back do you want
Get Photo URL= Yes if the Record Type is a photo, No for all other record types.
(tombstone photos please remember to choose photo and not cemetery)

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